NHL Power Rankings: March 28, 2014

Posted on March 28, 2014 by Stephen London

With the playoffs less than a month away, the NHL action has picked up. In the Eastern Conference and the Western Conference, teams with postseason hopes are vying for playoff position. 

In the Eastern Conference, the Boston Bruins (50-17-6), Montreal Canadiens (42-26-7) and New York Rangers (41-29-4) have been red-hot lately. With a 12-game winning streak in March, the Bruins have lost one game during regulation out of the 15 games they have played in March. The Canadiens have won seven of their last eight games, including a shootout win against the Bruins. The Rangers have won five games straight, outscoring their opponents, 20-9, during that span.

Other Eastern Conference teams, such as the Pittsburgh Penguins (46-22-5), Toronto Maple Leafs (36-30-8) and Buffalo Sabres (20-45-8), have been struggling to get wins. Despite being in the lead of the Metropolitan Division, the Penguins have lost three in a row. The Maple Leafs have lost six straight games. The Sabres have won one game out of their last 11 and have not had a game when they scored more than three goals during that span.

In the Western Conference, the St. Louis Blues (50-16-7), Los Angeles Kings (43-25-6) and Phoenix Coyotes (36-26-12) have been putting some wins together. The Blues have won their last three straight and outscored their opponents, 11-4, during that span. After losing three straight in the middle of March, the Kings have responded, winning five games straight. The Coyotes are 7-2-1 during their last 10 games. 

The Minnesota Wild (37-26-11), Winnipeg Jets (33-32-9) and Edmonton Oilers (25-39-9) have been hitting a wall in the Western Conference. Losing their last two games by a combined score of 10-3, the Wild have won two of their last eight games. The Jets have won three games out of their last 12. The Oilers have lost five of their last seven games and been outscored, 16-4, during their last three games.

Here are this week's rankings.

1. St. Louis Blues (50-16-7 overall record, No. 1 ranking last week)
2. Boston Bruins (50-17-9, No. 3)
3. San Jose Sharks (47-19-9, No. 2)
4. Pittsburgh Penguins (46-22-5, No. 4)
5. Chicago Blackhawks (42-17-15, No. 5)
6. Anaheim Ducks (47-18-7, No. 6)
7. Los Angeles Kings (43-25-6, No. 8)
8. Colorado Avalanche (46-21-6, No. 7)
9. Tampa Bay Lightning (40-24-9, No. 11)
10. Montreal Canadiens (42-26-7, No. 13)
11. Philadelphia Flyers (38-27-7, No. 10)
12. New York Rangers (41-29-4, No. 14)
13. Minnesota Wild (37-26-11, No. 9)
14. Phoenix Coyotes (36-26-12, No. 16)
15. Toronto Maple Leafs (36-30-8, No. 12)
16. Columbus Blue Jackets (37-29-6, No. 15)
17. Washington Capitals (34-27-12, No. 19)
18. Dallas Stars (34-27-11, No. 17)
19. Detroit Red Wings (33-26-14, No. 18)
20. Vancouver Canucks (34-30-11, No. 24)
21. New Jersey Devils (31-28-14, No. 21)
22. Nashville Predators (32-31-11, No. 23)
23. Ottawa Senators (29-29-14, No. 20)
24. Winnipeg Jets (33-32-9, No. 22)
25. Carolina Hurricanes (32-32-9, No. 25)
26. Calgary Flames (30-36-7, No. 26)
27. New York Islanders (28-35-10, No. 27)
28. Florida Panthers (27-39-9, No. 29)
29. Edmonton Oilers (25-39-9, No. 28)
30. Buffalo Sabres (20-45-8, No. 30)

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